Question: How much is an Olympic medal worth?

At the 2020 Olympics, the medal weighs in at about 550 grams, and its value is about $490. Olympic bronze โ€“ The bronze medal is comprised of 450 grams โ€“ almost a pound โ€“ of red brass. Red brass is 95% copper and 3% zinc, and is valued at about $2.40 a pound. The medals monetary value is about $2.40.

How much does Australia pay for Olympic medals?

Aussie Olympic gold medallists get $20,000, while Paralympians get nothing.

Has any country not won an Olympic medal?

Out of the 206 countries and territories with a NOC, there are 72 that have never won a medal at the Olympics. While many of those are small territories and island nations, some of the countries without a win are Libya, Madagascar, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Somalia.

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