Question: Should you cut your hair before chemo?

Opt for a Short Haircut Before Treatment Begins Its a lot less shocking to have short clumps of hair fall out in the shower or in your hands, rather than a handful of long strands. Plus, hair tends to come out in uneven patches, and short hair can help to temporarily mask this. Best of all, short hair is in style.

What should I do to my hair before chemo?

If you typically wear your hair long, consider cutting it before you begin chemotherapy. After you start chemo, hair loss might make your scalp feel itchy, irritated, or sensitive. Shaving your head can help ease the discomfort. Many people also prefer the look of a cleanly shaved head to partial hair loss.

Do you have to cut your hair for chemotherapy?

You dont have to have a hairdresser cut your hair. Many people cut their hair themselves by using a clipper or get a friend to help. However, it can be helpful to ask a hairdresser to help. Most hairdressers have experience of cutting hair prior to chemotherapy treatment, as it is a common form of cancer treatment.

When should you cut your hair after chemo?

Its best to wait until your hair has grown out at least three inches. Then its safe to ask your hairstylist to trim the ends. This will get rid of the most brittle, dry hair. You may even like to get the ends trimmed once a month or every other month until your hair returns to its normal texture.

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