Question: Who is the voice actor of usopp?

Who is the English voice actor for Usopp?

Sonny Strait Sonny Strait (born June 28, 1965 in Kaufman, Texas, USA) is an American comic book artist and voice actor. Hes known for voicing: Krillin in Dragon Ball, Maes Hughes in Fullmetal Alchemist, Ragnarok in Soul Eater and Usopp in One Piece.

Who is the voice actor of Krillin?

Mayumi Tanaka (Toei Animation) Sonny Strait (Funimation)Laurie Steele (Funimation) Krillin/Voiced by

Do l and Usopp have the same voice actor?

Today I learned that Usopp and L from death note have the same voice actor (Kappei Yamaguchi).

Why was Sonny Strait replaced as present mic?

See the list of new English voice actors as they appear this second season. **Due to vocal strain, Dave Trosko has taken over the role of Present Mic from Sonny Strait. Luci Christian will play the role of Recovery Girl in Season 2, as Juli Erickson has moved and is unavailable to continue the role.

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