Question: Why CLC doesnt have a lightstick?

CLC will never have a lightstick until they can have their own solo concert. And it might just be a plain glowstick or clear disc type one to commemorate that particular concert, like all the SNSD ones, instead of one official one to take to all concerts like boy groups have.

Which Kpop group has the prettiest lightstick?

13 of the prettiest Kpop lightsticksWJSN. The look of this lightstick is unbelievable especially when it is turned on. Seventeen. The pastel colours of the Carat Bong are extremely cute and gorgeous.BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK has one of the most iconic lightsticks in the entire K-pop community. TWICE. Super Junior. iKON. BTS. EXO. •29 Sep 2019

Does ITZY have an official light stick?

Instead of being a stick, ITZYs lightstick is a light ring. This new light ring has an all-white design and made to be held like a Tambourine. ITZY has taken a new level of the lightstick culture and greatly changed the design on it.

Who has the coolest lightstick?

Check out our list below of some of the best lightsticks Kpop has to offer, and make sure to vote up your favorites.SHINee (Shating Star) Photo: SM Entertainment. Day6. Photo: JYP Entertainment. MONSTA X (MONDOONGIE) Photo: Starship Entertainment. Seventeen (Carat Bong) VIXX. Stray Kids. GFriend (Glass Marble) OH MY GIRL. •15 Jan 2020

BTS 15%, 33693 votes. 33693 votes 15%BlackPink 8%, 17608 votes.Seventeen 7%, 16610 votes. 16610 votes 7%TWICE 7%, 16547 votes. 16547 votes 7%EXO 6%, 14107 votes.Monsta X 4%, 9835 votes. 9835 votes 4%GOT7 4%, 9178 votes. 9178 votes 4%NCT 3%, 7720 votes. 7720 votes 3% •Oct 15, 2018

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