Question: How many cylinders does the RS 660 have?

How many cylinders does a Aprilia RS 660 have?

Aprilia RS 660 SpecificationsEmission Type :BS4No Of Cylinders :NAMax Torque :67 NmMax Power :100 PSTop Speed :NA5 more rows

What is the top speed of the Aprilia RS 660?

Top speed & performanceMax power99 bhpMax torque49 ft-lbTop speed140 mph1/4 mile acceleration-1 more row

Which bike is top speed in world?

Marvels of Engineering (Fastest Bike in the World – Top 5)Kawasaki Ninja H2R – top speed: 222 mph. This one is another beast in the form of a bike. MTT Turbine Superbike Y2K – top speed: 227 mph. This bike is one of the most powerful production motorcycles. Suzuki Hayabusa – top speed: 248 mph. 1340cc.

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