Question: How do you describe cellulitis healing?

What does cellulitis look like when healing?

The skin will look a bit shiny. The skin is smooth; it is not bumpy or raised. Cellulitis is not normally itchy until it starts to go away and the skin heals. Cellulitis is not itchy in the early stages of the infection.

What is the healing process for cellulitis?

Prognosis. Most people fully recover from cellulitis after 7 to 10 days on antibiotics. Its possible for the infection to come back in the future. If youre at high risk, your doctor may increase your dosage of antibiotics.

What happens to skin after cellulitis?

The affected skin area may start off red, swollen and dry but may progress to become blistered, weeping and discoloured. This is due to the bacteria in the skin causing these changes. What is the treatment? Antibiotics are given to treat cellulitis.

What can I put on skin for cellulitis?

You can use a bandage or gauze to protect the skin if needed. Do not use any antibiotic ointments or creams. Antibiotics — Most people with cellulitis are treated with an antibiotic that is taken by mouth for 5 to 14 days.

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