Question: What was the first flavor of HI-CHEW?

Morinaga was always trying to invent new candy treats. In 1956 Morinaga came up with the predecessor of todays HI-CHEW™, a tasty strawberry-flavored morsel that you could chew like gum.

What are the 113 flavors of Hi-chew?

Hi-Chew is available in fourteen flavors in the United States: watermelon, strawberry, green apple, dragon fruit, mango, grape, peach, banana, melon, cherry, kiwi, açai, pineapple, and (exclusive to Hawaii) lilikoi.

When did Hi chews come out?

1975 HI-CHEW has been produced in over 185 flavors around the world since it was created in 1975! HI-CHEW is currently available in 22 flavors in the United States, including core offerings and limited-edition exclusive flavors.

Is there a cherry hi-chew?

HI-CHEWs Black Cherry flavor is sweet and sumptuous, the cherry on top of any flavor mix!

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