Question: Is Avatar Korra dating Asami?

Legend Of Korra Creators Confirm Korra and Asami Are A Couple. “The Legend of Korra” creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino have confirmed that Korra and Asami ended the series as a couple.

Do Korra and Asami have a romantic relationship?

They were in love, and for a moment everything seemed beautiful. A few days later, the creators would confirm, yes, Korra and Asami were two bisexual women in love with each other. “You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it.

Who is Avatar Korras girlfriend?

Makoex-boyfriend, Book Two Asami Satogirlfriend Korra/Significant others

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