Question: Is playing horror games bad for you?

In a study conducted on 32 people (men and women), it was discovered that horror films will activate white blood cells, and as a result boost the immune system. But the stronger the immune system the healthier well be, so the more horror games you indulge in the less likely it is youll get sick.

Why should you play horror games?

In short, we play scary games because theyre a powerful means of escapism. Be it a subconscious thing or just the sense of excitement we get from overcoming something scary, horror games are fun.

Why do horror games scare people?

They also found that: horror games produce these fright responses by targeting our evolved defence system (evolution has shaped us to be easily scared by the dangers that threatened our ancestors); that there are predictable individual differences in how likely people are to seek out and be scared by horror video games ...

Does playing horror games help with anxiety?

But it isnt just games designed specifically to interact with your brainwaves or breathing habits that can help with anxiety. Granic says that when I choose to play scary video games, Im training myself up for the anxiety I experience in real life, whether Im conscious of it or not.

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