Question: Is domestic girlfriend Rui?

Rui Tachibana (橘 瑠衣 Tachibana Rui) is one of the main female protagonists of Domestic na Kanojo. She is the younger sister of Hina Tachibana, but soon after Tsukiko Tachibana (Ruis divorced mother) marries Natsuos father, Akihito Fujii, Rui becomes Natsuo Fujiis step-sister.

Does Rui have a kid with Natsuo?

Hina wins him with marriage. The series ends with Chapter 276, with Hina and Natsuo getting married. However, by the end of the series, Natsuo and Rui also have a child together.

Who does Natsuo Fujii end up with domestic girlfriend?

Eventually, after his father opened the door, Natsuo met Tsukiko Tachibana, the woman Akihito Fujii (Natsuos father) will be remarrying and along with her two daughters - which are already his acquaintances- named Hina and Rui.

Will domestic girlfriend get a Season 2?

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date The series released internationally on Crunchyroll, Animelab, and HIDIVE. However, when asked by a fan on Twitter about season 2 of the romantic-drama anime series, the manga artist Kei Sasuga gave a straightforward reply that there are no plans for the second term (season).

How did Natsuo get stabbed?

The entire arc where Natsuo gets stabbed by Tanabe and falls into a coma.

Who is Natsuo dating?

Rui Tachibana So, taking him to her house, she proposes him to have their first sexual experience together, which is supposed to be just a one-night-stand. After their parents remarriage and since they all start living together in the same house, she steadily develops feelings towards him.

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