Question: What happens in A Court of Silver Flames summary?

Plot. A Court of Silver Flames follows Nesta and Cassian as they deal with the blazing fire between them while they face their haunting pasts, battle monsters and find acceptance and healing in each others arms, amidst battle and betrayal.

What did Nesta do to Feyre?

In A Court of Wings and Ruin, Nesta resents Feyre because she blames her for her and Elain becoming High Fae. Over the course of the novel, both females bond over their shared concern for Elain and the desire to protect the Mortal Lands.

What happens to Rhys and feyre in A Court of Silver Flames?

Rhys and Feyre have a child and nearly die when Feyre gives birth because they stupidly bound their lives together. Eris wants to overthrow Beron. Tamlin has stayed in his beast form since the war (not sure if thats important, they dont make it sound like it is in the book but I thought it was worth a mention)

Does Nesta care about Feyre?

Why Nesta hates Feyre | Fandom. Nesta has always had a much closer relationship with Elain than she has with Feyre. Feyre was never particularly doted upon- in fact, Elain was- so its not out of jealously. Yet Feyre was always the hero- the one that kept the family alive.

Do Feyre and Rhys have a baby?

Nyx is Feyre Archeron and Rhysands son.

Why does Rhys hate Nesta?

Rhysand can hate nesta as much as he wants and try to persuade feyre to feel the same, but the bottom line is that feyre is desperate for nestas approval/love and will never be truly happy unless she gets it.

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