Question: Can you marry Fire Emblem?

To get married in Fire Emblem Three Houses, youll absolutely need to make sure you hit an A-rank Support Rank with the character that you want to marry. Its also worth noting that you cant get married before the final battle when the game asks, no matter how great your Support Rank with another unit.

Can you marry people in Fire Emblem Awakening?

There are 13 children in Fire Emblem Awakening, all of which can be unlocked as playable Characters via marriage. Once the relationship status reaches S rank, the characters will marry, if able. After marriage, you can recruit your pairs children in Paralogues on the world map.

How many people can you marry in Fire Emblem?

Players can only marry and pursue a relationship with one character per playthrough, and they have a limited amount of resources available to them to sink in the time and effort required to court their choice.

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