Question: Why was chunky Kong banned?

Due to numerous complaints regarding his behavior during and in between sets, ChunkyKong was indefinitely banned from tournaments held by Cagt, L4st, and Grayola on February 7th, 2021, including major tournament series such as The Box and TNS: Pandemic Monthly.

What happened DK chunky?

Chunky is found in the Frantic Factory. He is rescued by Lanky Kong. Once Chunky is free, he can collect green bananas, green Banana Coins and green Blueprints. Chunky Kong fights the boss of the Fungi Forest, which is a rematch with Dogadon.

Is Chunky Kong stronger than Donkey Kong?

Strength: – Chunky is regarded as the strongest Kong of the Kong Family. – According to the DK rap, “Is so strong it isnt funny.” – He is said to be stronger than Donkey Kong, who punched down the moon once.

How strong is chunky Kong?

BrawlEdit. Chunky Kong appears as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It can only be used by Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, and it boosts the strength of throwing attacks by 31.

Is Chunky Kong baby Kong?

Kiddy Kong (named ディンキーコング; Dinky Kong, his birth name in Japan) is a 3-year-old baby baboon Kong and the youngest member of the Kong Family.

Who is the strongest Kong?

Donkey Kong: 10 Strongest Monkeys In The Series, Ranked3 Sumo Kong.4 Chunky Kong. 5 Karate Kong. 6 Dread Kong. 7 Funky Kong. 8 Dixie Kong. 9 Diddy Kong. Diddy is Implied to be the rascally nephew of Donkey Kong and his faithful sidekick. 10 Cranky Kong. via: •Apr 8, 2020

How do I unlock chunky Kong?

Chunky Kong The final Kong, Chunky, is held in the Frantic Factory level. You will need to use Lanky to free him. From the entrance, go through the left hall and down the long pole. Follow the halls through one room, then exit into another hallway.

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