Question: Is Basketball Wives coming back in 2021?

Basketball Wives season 9 released on February 9, 2021, on VH1, with the season concluding on March 23, 2021. The unusually short ninth season has seven episodes with a running time of about 44 minutes each.

What day does basketball wives come on 2021?

Basketball Wives will return for season seven on Monday, May 14 at 9PM ET/PT.

Will there be a Basketball Wives Season 10?

Former Basketball Wives LA cast members Brooke Bailey, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey, and Angel Brinks have all accepted offers to begin filming the 10th season of Basketball Wives, per HipHollywood. Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, Jennifer Williams, and Nia and Noria Dorsey will also return as cast members.

Whos coming back to basketball wives?

Brooke Bailey, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey and Angel Brinks, who all appeared on the spinoff series Basketball Wives LA, will reportedly be returning for season 10.

Will basketball wives return?

The series is reportedly bringing back some familiar faces for season 10 following Evelyn Lozadas departure. Previous Basketball Wives LA cast members Brooke Bailey, Brittish Williams, DJ Duffey and Angel Brinks have accepted offers to join season 10 of Basketball Wives, HipHollywood reports.

Why did Basketball Wives end early?

During the last episode of Basketball Wives that aired on March 16, Lozada and Shaunie ONeal decided to leave the mini stay-cation early due to all of the tension and arguing amongst the ladies. Their exit was followed by Malaysia Pargo and Kristen Scott leaving as well.

Did Tammy leave Basketball Wives?

Tami made her exit on season 8 of the VH1 series after she had issues with Evelyn Lozada, as well as Shaunie ONeal. She described the 2016 series as a “demon seed” on Fox Soul talk show One on One With Keyshia Cole.

Did OG quit Basketball Wives?

A Basketball Wives OG Is Leaving After 9 Seasons — For Better Or Worse. Photo: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images. Reality TV is supposed to give us everything except reality, but real life steps in when cast favorites decide to step out of the drama.

Is Bambi and Malaysia still friends?

Bambi and Scrappy are BFFs with none other than Basketball Wives Malaysia Pargo and it looks like she may have just solidified her spot as Brelands godmother by waiting by Bambis side throughout the labor.

Did Tami from basketball wives have a baby?

Tami has two daughters from her marriage to former NBA star Kenny Anderson, but her husband, Reggie Youngblood has none. After losing another child around three months, Roman said, “I am deeply saddened that after 10.5 weeks, we suffer this loss,” she told E! News at the time. “We knew this would be an uphill battle.

Why did Susie leave basketball wives?

Meeka Claxton She was viewed as too eager to fit in and too mouthy and later came to blows with Tami Roman. After leaving the show after just one season, she returned to normal life in her hometown of New York. Her and Speedy separated in 2014 and the divorce turned ugly, with the two fighting over finances.

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