Question: Is AFK a bad word?

Is AFK a Bad Word? No, AFK is not a bad word. However, since this acronym is slang, it may not be appropriate in a more formal setting. With that said, its common practice to use AFK in workplaces that tend to have a less formal atmosphere.

What does AFK mean in slang?

away from keyboard AFK means away from keyboard in typing shorthand. Its meaning can be literal or it can simply indicate that you arent online. AFK is a helpful phrase for communal online spaces, when you want a quick way to communicate that youre stepping away.

Does AFK mean something?

AFI (abbreviation for A Fire Inside) is an American rock band from Ukiah, California, formed in 1991....AFI (band)AFIAlso known asA Fire InsideOriginUkiah, California, U.S.GenresAlternative rock emo post-hardcore horror punk melodic hardcore gothic rock10 more rows

What do you say when back from AFK?

what do you reply? Like: Someone says RE and you reply WB.. Normally you would just say k, kk, or ok (these are all short forms of okay), but I dont know if the modern lingo has changed.

What does SDAT stand for?

SDATAcronymDefinitionSDATSenile Dementia of the Alzheimer Type (disease)SDATState Department of Assessments and Taxation (MD, USA)SDATState Department of Assessments and TaxationSDATSous-Direction Anti-Terroriste (French: Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate; France)16 more rows

What is SDAT MD?

File Personal Property Tax Returns SDAT has forms for filing personal property tax returns. SDAT administers the valuation of annual property taxes based on the value of a business personal property.

What does Maryland SDAT stand for?

State Department of Assessments & Taxation State Department of Assessments & Taxation (SDAT)

How do I get SDAT?

You can apply for a FEIN online or download the form through the IRS website, or can call them at 1-800-829-4933. Remember, you must have a Maryland SDAT Identification Number in order to apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number. Once approved, your FEIN will be a nine-digit number.

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