Question: How does dont breathe 2 end?

After taking a beating at the hands of Raylan and his goons, the movie ends with him lying lifeless in the gangs headquarters after seemingly dying in Phoenixs arms. He has a massive stab wound in his side that is gushing blood, but it turns out that The Blind Man is alive.

Does the little girl die in dont breathe 2?

Oh no, hes just as deadly as ever – but Dont Breathe 2 has more than a few surprises in store for him, and us. Major spoilers for Dont Breathe 2 follow. Dont Breathe 2 opens with a young girl escaping a burning house. She collapses, and we cut to eight years later.

Does Alex die in dont breathe?

Alex dies while the blind mans dog runs after Rocky. She hides inside a car and manages to trap the dog in the trunk. But she is once again caught by the old man who drags her along the street to his house.

Will there be a dont breathe 2?

Fede Alvarez first confirmed that a sequel was in development in fall 2016. By late 2018, Alvarez confirmed a script had been written, and now, Sony is set to release Dont Breathe 2 in theaters on August 13, 2021.

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