Question: What app do I use to watch the Olympics?

Peacock. Peacock, NBCUniversals streaming service, is the best bang for your buck if all youre looking for is live coverage of the Olympic games.

Which app can I use to watch Olympic Games?

ESPN. This top Sports app lets you stream the Olympics live for free. You can also review sports statistics and the latest updates of your preferred events. Moreover, the app is free to use but comes with premium features.

What app can i watch Olympics for free?

Want to stream the 2021 Olympics online for free? fuboTV currently has a week-long free trial that you can sign up for to stream the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Closing Ceremony online free.

How can I watch the Olympics for free on my phone?

Stream the 2021 Olympics daily schedule live on your phone or tabletDownload the Peacock app on your iPhone or Android.Sign up for the free ad-supported Peacock tier.Watch US track & field, gymnastics and basketball live from the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. •27 Jul 2021

Is there an app for the Olympics 2021?

The official app of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Jul 23-Aug 8, 2021) & Paralympics (Aug 24-Sep 5, 2021) is your personal guide and companion to the Games. Get latest updates, news, schedule, sports expected at the Games.

Can you watch the Olympics on YouTube TV?

Slings Blue package with Sports Extra, fuboTV and YouTube TV specifically have the Olympic Channel, which has some additional coverage of the Games. Additionally, if you have a Roku device, there is even more Olympics coverage. Please note, a valid subscription is required for NBC Sports.

What is the best way to stream Olympics 2021?

If you dont have cable you can easily stream the games through NBCUniversals streaming service Peacock or through a variety of streamers that offer NBC, including Sling TV, FuboTV, Youtube TV and more. Here are the best ways to access NBC to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony and Games this summer.

Where can I watch NBC Sports online for free?

A: NBC Sports continues to make premier live sporting events and other sports programming available to all viewers on free over-the-air television through the NBC broadcast network and through the both the NBC app and the NBC Sports app.

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