Question: Who led the revolt of 1857?

Who led the revolt?

Revolt of 1857 or First Independence war is a major historical movement taken by Indians to throw British out of India. The revolt was headed by Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor in Delhi (Northern India). The revolt was led by Rani Laxmi Bai in Jhansi (Central India) and she was accompanied by Tantia Tope.

Who led the revolt Class 8 English?

(iv) Two popular leaders who led the revolt (Choices may vary.) Answer: (i) Tipu Sultan (ii) Raja Ram Mohan Roy (iii) Lord Macaulay (iv) Tantya Tope and Vir Kunwar Singh.

Who led the revolt Class 8?

Q23: Write the names of any 6 important personalities who were involved in the revolt of 1857 along with the places they belonged to. Ans: The revolt in Lucknow was led by Birjis Qadr.. In Delhi, it was led by Bakht Khan.

How did the Revolt of 1857 begin?

The rebellion began on 10 May 1857 in the form of a mutiny of sepoys of the Companys army in the garrison town of Meerut, 40 mi northeast of Delhi. The rebellion posed a considerable threat to British power in that region, and was contained only with the rebels defeat in Gwalior on 20 June 1858.

Who is Macavity Class 8?

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