Question: Is 8 foot ceiling too low?

Low ceilings in your home isnt necessarily a bad thing. Before modern times, 8 feet was typically regarded as the standard height for ceilings. Today, however, not uncommonly, most ceilings are 9 or even 10 feet in height.

Are 8-foot ceilings standard?

Todays standard ceiling height is nine feet. Newer houses are often built with nine-foot ceilings on the first floor (and, sometimes, eight-foot ceilings on the second story). While many custom builders will assume that homeowners want nine-foot ceilings, dont take it for granted.

What is a good floor to ceiling height?

However, there are expected standard heights if you want to avoid smashing your head on low ceilings or hope to sell your home in future. A floor to ceiling height of 2.2m is minimum, 2.4m is standard and 2.6m is considered good.

What is the average floor to ceiling height?

Most U.S. homes built in the last few decades have ceilings at least this high, if not higher. The current standard ceiling rooms on the first floors of a typical new home is 9 feet. For rooms on second and higher floors, 8 feet is the standard.

What can I do with a low ceiling room?

How to Make Your Low-Ceiling Rooms Appear TallerUse vertical patterns. Lean on minimalism. Anchor the space. White from floor to ceiling. Level up. Bring in black. Stretch the space with curtains. Utilize a lavish mirror.19 Aug 2020

How do you brighten a room with a low ceiling?

9 Clever Ways to Counteract Low CeilingsTry Stripes. 1/9. Vertical stripes create the illusion of height by drawing your gaze upward. Scale Down. 2/9. Mirror Image. 3/9. Branch Out. 4/9. Lower Lighting. 5/9. Time for Reflection. 6/9. Uniformity. 7/9. Tall Window Treatments. 8/9.

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