Question: What can you ask instead of are you okay?

What are different ways to ask are you OK?

Use simple questions like, “How are you going?” Or, “Whats been happening? Ive noticed you seem a bit flat lately.” Mention specific things that youve been concerned about, like, “You dont seem to be your bubbly self lately.” Use open-ended questions such as, “So tell me about …”

How do you ask someone if theyre okay without saying are you okay?

How to ask someone if they are OK (when theyre clearly not)Look for signs of distress. Sometimes its not hard to tell that a friend is going through a rough time. Time it right. Make sure youre ready. Listen carefully. Speak with care. Offer help. Share your story. Remind them how much you care.Oct 23, 2020

What to say if someone asks if you are ok?

Lets talk about something pleasant” or “Im hanging in. Thanks for asking. How are you doing?” If the person persists, offer, “Thanks for your concern but Id really appreciate your respecting my privacy. Have a great day!”

Is it okay to ask are you okay?

In some cases, even asking if someone is OK, “depending on how, where and when its posed, could be seen as an affront or even something where a case is being built to dismiss that person,” she said. If the person doesnt want to engage, say you respect their decision. Assure them youll drop the issue.

How do you say Im not okay without actually saying it?

Ways to Say Youre Not OKME – How does this person make me feel? When someone takes the time to ask R U OK we need to start by appreciating that this person cares enough to stop and ask the question. I – How am I feeling? How are you feeling? YOU – How can you help me? WE – What can we do together?Sep 14, 2017

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