Question: Where did the Silk Road stop?

The Silk Road was a network of ancient trade routes which connected Europe with the Far East, spanning from the Mediterranean Sea to the Korean Peninsula and Japan. The Silk Roads eastern end is in present-day China, and its main western end is Antioch.

Where did the Silk Road start and stop?

Abstract : It is generally believed that the Silk Road started from Changan and the end of the Silk Road was in Daqin, the ancient Chinese name for the Roman Empire. The Silk Road was the main transportation route connecting ancient China with Western Europe, which is as long as more than 14,000 miles.

What were the stops on the Silk Road?

Major stops along the ancient Silk Road, such as Baghdad, Damascus, and Kashgar, today remain important trading towns and desert oases. Almost more important than the goods that traveled along the Silk Road were the ideas and inventions that it carried from East to West and vice versa.

Which city was the end point of the Silk Roads?

The Silk Road network is generally thought of as stretching from an eastern terminus at the ancient Chinese capital city of Changan (now Xian) to westward end-points at Byzantium (Constantinople), Antioch, Damascus, and other Middle Easterncities.

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