Question: Is TYKI Mikk dead?

Invasion of the Black Order Arc Tyki is seen later at a dinner party with the Earl and his family shaky on his feet but alive; he has also grown out his hair to reach past his shoulders. Tyki was seen later talking to Road about the Battle for Noahs ark and his wounds, which still hurt him greatly.

Who is Allen Walker Dad?

Mana Walker Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー,, Aren Wōkā?) is the main protagonist of D. Gray-man. Allen is a former Exorcist and a former member of the European Branch of the Black Order. He is the adoptive son of Mana Walker, and the former apprentice of Cross Marian.

How did Mana die?

Three years after meeting Allen, Mana died. Allen, in his despair, brought Mana back as an Akuma, and after gouging Allens eye and cursing him with the ability to see the souls of Akuma, Mana told Allen he loved him before Allens newly awakened Anti-Akuma Weapon slew him.

Is Mana the Millennium Earl?

Is Mana the Millennium Earl? He reveals that the Earl is one-half of the Millennium Earl, who vanished and was reincarnated as the twins Mana D. Campbell (マナ・D・キャンベル) and Nea D. Campbell.

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