Question: What kind of lizards have blue tails?

Its hard to miss a lizard with a bright blue tail. This colorful little lizard is called the blue-tailed skink, also known as the western skink (Plestiodon skiltonianus). Blue-tailed skinks are diurnal, meaning that they are active during the day and rest during the night.

Do geckos have blue tails?

The blue-tailed day gecko (Phelsuma cepediana) is a diurnal species of gecko, a lizard in the family Gekkonidae....Blue-tailed day geckoClass:ReptiliaOrder:SquamataFamily:GekkonidaeGenus:Phelsuma10 more rows

What does Blue-tailed lizards eat?

Live gut-loaded crickets, mealworms and waxworms. Sprinkle food with calcium daily and with a mineral supplement once or twice a week.

Are Blue Geckos poisonous?

The blue-tailed skink bite presents no threat to humans, as the animal is not venomous, and there is no record of a skink causing lasting injury to an adult or child, according to the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.

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