Question: Are oracle cards good for beginners?

Its extremely easy to connect with and interpret. There are 48 cards and each one gives quick insight on the personal life of the individual you are doing the reading for. I highly recommend this oracle deck for beginners.

Are Oracle cards or tarot cards better for beginners?

Oracle decks, because of how much easier they are to read, can be a much quicker option. If youre a busy person, then oracle cards may be the best for your daily divination. If youre a complete beginner and feel intimidated by tarot cards, then again, oracle cards may be your gateway divination tool.

Is it OK to use Oracle cards?

Oracle cards can be just as effective as tarot cards at providing guidance and clarity; easing fear and anxiety, and helping you tap into your intuition and the answers already within you.

Whats the difference between Oracle and Tarot?

With Tarot cards, there are usually 78 cards within a deck. There are some decks with more or less of the amount of cards but it is typically 78 cards total. In contrast, oracle cards have no set number of cards in a deck. An oracle deck can be as little as 10 cards or quite large with over 100 cards.

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