Question: What position is Declan Rice?

What is Declan Rice best position?

Declan Rice doesnt carry himself like a junior member of the teams he plays in. “He is arguably the best holding midfield player in the country and the best thing about Declan is he will get better,” said West Hams manager, speaking in February 2020 about the then-21-year-old. ...

How much does Fabinho cost in FIFA 21?

Fabinho FIFA 21 is 26 years old and has 3* skills and 2* weakfoot, and is Right footed. Fabinhos price on the xbox market is 9,800 coins (1 min ago), playstation is 7,500 coins (8 min ago) and pc is 10,000 coins (2 min ago). There are 3 other versions of Fabinho in FIFA 21, check them out using the navigation above.

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