Question: What does it mean when a State of Emergency is declared in NY?

The Governor declares a State of Emergency when he/she believes a disaster has occurred or may be imminent that is severe enough to require State aid to supplement local resources in preventing or alleviating damages, loss, hardship or suffering.

What does it mean when a State of Emergency is declared?

countable noun. If a government or other authority declares a state of emergency in an area, it introduces special measures such as increased powers for the police or army, usually because of civil disorder or because of a natural disaster such as an earthquake.

What happens when Governor Declares State of Emergency?

The Governors declaration authorizes him to “speed State agency assistance to communities in need. It enables him to make resources immediately available to rescue, evacuate, shelter, provide essential commodities (i.e., heating fuel, food, etc.) and quell disturbances in affected localities.

What county is Otego NY in?

Otsego County Otego/Counties

What zone is Chenango County?

Chenango County, New York is in USDA Hardiness Zones 5a, 5b and 6a.

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