Question: How do I add money to my LINE Pay?

How do I top up my rabbit line payment?

To add money:From the Rabbit LINE Pay main menu, tap Add Money > Bank Account.Select a registered bank account or register a new one.Enter an amount and tap Add Money.Enter your Rabbit LINE Pay passcode.

How do I reload my rabbit card?

Topping up RabbitVisit any BTS Ticket Office or any other Authorized Top-up Service Provider displaying with the “top up” sign.Add cash in multiples of 100 baht up to a maximum of 4,000 baht.Your cash will be instantly converted to stored value in your card and you can begin spending on any supported merchant.

Can use rabbit card on MRT?

Can You Use A Rabbit Card on the MRT or ARL? No. Rabbit cards cant be used on the subway system (MRT) or City Line Airport Rail Link to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Passengers have to buy separate tickets to use those services.

Can Americans use Kakao pay?

The features of this app are designed to make payments easy via Kakao pay for foreigners.

How do you get a bunny card?

Standard Rabbit Card are available for sales at all BTS Ticket Offices. Standard Rabbit Card can be obtained for 200 Baht, which include 100 Baht issuing fees and 100 Baht initial stored values. There is no annual fees for Standard Rabbit Card.

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