Question: What do you mean by Dona?

Doña. / (ˈdɒnjə, Spanish ˈdoɲa) / noun. a Spanish title of address equivalent to Mrs or Madam : placed before a name to indicate respect.

What do we call DOMA in English?

doma Noun. doma, la ~ (f) (adiestramientoinstrucciónenseñansaformacióneducación) training, the ~ Noun. teaching, the ~ Noun. schooling, the ~ Noun.

What does DOMA mean in French?

Noun. doma f (plural domas) horse taming.

What does DOMA mean in Polish?

a house, home, house.

What is the role of Synergids?

The main functions of the synergids are: The chemical substances secreted by the filiform apparatus of the synergids helps in attracting the pollen tube towards the embryo sac. The filiform apparatus of the synergids helps in the absorption and transfer of the nutrients from the nucellus into the embryo sac.

What is the another name of Synergids?

It consists of three parts: The integument forming its outer layer, the nucellus, and female gametophyte in its center. The female gametophyte—specifically termed a megagametophyte—is also called the embryo sac in angiosperms.

What country is opposite of USA?

From anywhere in the continental United States, the exact opposite is somewhere in the Indian Ocean—between Australia and Africa.

What is the polar opposite of Philippines?

Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines, is antipodal to eastern Bolivia.

What does Don before name mean?

Don/Doña - A courtesy title placed before the 1st name of an older or more senior man/woman as a way of showing them your respect when talking to them or about them. Although now becoming rarer, they are commonly used before full names on official documents and contracts.

What is DOMA called in English?

DOMA. Acronym for Defense of Marriage Act, which was a United States federal law passed by the 104th United States Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton.

What does DOMA name mean?

DOMA is the shortened name for the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA is a federal law that was passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton in 1996, in response to the marriage equality litigation in Hawaii in which Lambda Legal was co-counsel.

Are Synergids haploid?

The synergid cells direct pollen tube growth to the female gametophyte. It makes possible the access of the tube into the embryo sac. Complete answer: As these 8 nuclei are derived from the mitotic divisions of the haploid megaspore, these are haploid and thus, the synergids are haploid cells.

What is the mean of Synergids?

noun. 1. One of two small, short-lived nuclei lying near the egg in the mature embryo sac of a flowering plant. The synergids are part of the egg apparatus and are thought to help the pollen nucleus reach the egg cell for fertilization. 1.

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