Question: Are upgrade programs worth it?

Is early upgrade worth it?

Early upgrade plans are designed so that you are able to upgrade your phone more often, and thats exactly what carriers want you to do. Eventually, youll be compelled to upgrade, but that old phone may still be worth $50 to $200 by the time your look to sell it.

Is it worth upgrading phone every year?

Upgrade every year. As good as your old phone is. Because upgrading makes more economic sense. If you like this model, and keep your recent phone in decent shape, you should be able to swap it out every 12 months and get 50% of its original value.

Is it hard to get approved for Apple upgrade program?

Citizens One checks your credit — A credit check is required to apply for the Apple Upgrade Program, so if you dont have the best credit, you might not be approved. Youll also want to double check that you arent double paying for phone insurance through your carrier.

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