Question: What is the max level in Nioh 2?

The max level for the base version of Nioh 2 is 300. If you play the Tengus Disciple DLC the cap will be increased to 400. Further, if you play the Darkness in Capital DLC, players can reach level 600.

What is the max level in Nioh?

Way of the Nioh will allow you to raise stats up to 200, but normally theyre capped at 99. Your maximum level stays the same at 750. For information on how Stats can raise your Attack or Defense, see Weapon Scaling Tables.

What is Max proficiency Nioh 2?

Proficiency is maxed out at 999999. As you increase Proficiency you will also unlock certain Master Missions.

What level should I be for Nioh 2 DLC?

I do have to note here that you should only buy and play the new DLC called The Tengus Disciple if you have already finished the main story in Nioh 2. This is because the stages in the game require you to be around level 120 and above! If you under-levelled, theres no chance you can complete the DLC.

How do you farm proficiency in Nioh 2?

More Nioh 2 guides: To earn huge Proficiency and unlock Skill Points, youll need to first equip Wooden Training Weapons from the Dojo. Training Weapons gives you a +50% Proficiency Bonus when used. Theyre extremely effective for farming, and not much else.

What weapon should I pick Nioh 2?

Nioh 2 best weapon choice for beginners would be spear and sword. They increase constitution, which affects your health, and heart, which affects your ki. This means you can take more damage and perform more attacks before tiring, which is pretty much what every new player needs.

How do you unlock the 9 symbols in Nioh 2?

The Nine Symbols is a Tutorial and Training Missions The Nine Symbols tasks players with defeating every enemy with limited resources. This mission is unlocked after completing the The Mausoleum of Evil.

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