Question: Is Japan made iPhone original?

Are iPhones made in Japan?

All iPhones are assembled in China, however certain models destined for sale in certain countries or regions may have limitations to comply with local laws. If it has a J before the / It was intended for sale in Japan and the camera shutter sound cannot be turned off.

Is Japanese iPhone different?

Cellular differences The iPhone has two major bands, GSM and CDMA. The Japanese variants can be swapped in the US and elsewhere. But, due to mobile radio band differences, if you need a significant phone repair, Apple doesnt swap Chinese variants for a new one except in China.

How can I tell if my iPhone is Japanese?

For an iPhone destined to be sold (not made) in Japan, the model number in Settings->General->About->Model will have a J before the /. And would generally be locked to a Japanese cell carrier.

Is iPhone 12 made in India?

Apples Taiwanese contract manufacturer Foxconn successfully assembled the new iPhone 12 at its plant in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. New Delhi: Apples latest smartphone model, the iPhone 12, has been successfully assembled in a plant in Tamil Nadu, which will prove to be a big boost to the Make in India project.

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