Question: Why is it important to access accurate and quality disaster related information?

To improve decision-making before, during, and after emergencies through improved access to and quality of information. Losses caused by natural disasters can be reduced by taking appropriate action based on wise decision making. To this end, a system should provide enhanced access to reliable information.

What are the benefits of information systems during the onset of the disaster?

The majority of information is spatial and can be mapped. GIS allows emergency management to identify onset of any disaster. For this data has to be gathered organized and displayed logically to determine the size and scope of emergency management so that appropriate steps can be taken in case any disaster.

Why is it important to be aware of natural disasters?

The key to reducing loss of life, personal injuries, and damage from natural disasters is widespread public awareness and education. People must be made aware of what natural hazards they are likely to face in their own communities.

Why is it important to learn about disasters?

Disaster education aims to provide knowledge among individuals and groups to take actions to reduce their vulnerability to disasters. Based on some evidence, it is important for vulnerable people to learn about disasters. There are different methods to educate vulnerable people, but no method is better than others.

What can you do to spread awareness about the causes and effects of natural disasters?

10 Ways to Increase Awareness of PreparednessPartner with local community emergency response teams (CERTs). Hold a build-an-emergency-kit party. Involve the local media in the planning process. Host evacuation workshops. Provide relevant disaster preparedness information on your department/agency website. •Sep 8, 2008

What is the role and importance of disaster management?

Disaster management is important because it aims to ensure an effective and coordinated response to disasters. Through work to save lives and reduce the impact of crises on affected communities, disaster management is fundamental to timely and effectual assistance to disaster hit people.

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