Question: What do you do after Axel dies in alien isolation?

Hit the looter (LMB) to save Axel and escape with him towards the transit link. After Axel gets killed by the Alien, walk up to the door and call the elevator with a button on the right side of the door.

What is the code in alien isolation?

Schematics: Use the passcode (0340) you learned from one of the logs to open the locked door in the same room. The schematics can be found inside.

Where is the key card alien isolation?

In Room A-26, theres an Emergency Override button next to the door and a keycard on the deceased Dr. Morley. Grab it and get out of there.

What does emergency override do alien isolation?

– Use emergency override buttons next to the doors to lock them for a short time and block alien from reaching you. This will give you short time of absolute safety in some closed rooms.

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