Question: Who is the leader of Valhalla Tokyo Revengers?

History. Valhalla was originally created to crush the Tokyo Manji Gang and Tetta Kisaki was the mastermind behind it. The members of Valhalla were not aware of Tetta Kisaki being their leader. Shuji Hanma was the one who was given the position of the acting leader of Valhalla.

Who is the leader of Moebius Tokyo Revengers?

Kisaki Tetta is the head of the 1990 generation within Moebius and is the main villain in the Tokyo Revengers series.

What does Shuji hanma tattoo mean?

Besides his tall stature and unique hairstyle, Hanma Shuji has 2 tattoos on the backs of his hands which make him more intimidating. The 2 Japanese kanji tattoos read Tsumi which means sin and Batsu which means punishment.

Is hanma Shuji good?

Hanma is a very competent fighter. He is able to beat a number of delinquents by himself. He especially stands out in endurance. Draken called him Zombie for that very reason, since it took Draken a surprising amount of hits in order to eventually defeat Hanma.

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