Question: How far does a loon call travel?

The U.S. Geological Survey found that a loon traveled 670 miles (1,078 kilometers) within a 24-hour period.

How far do loons travel?

How far can common loons fly in one day? In one documented case, a loon traveled 670 miles within a 24-hr period. In another case, a loon traveled distances of 360 and 505 miles during two consecutive days.

What is the range of loons?

Common Loons migrate from northern lakes to coastal ocean waters. Loons in western Canada and Alaska migrate to the Pacific Coast, from Alaskas Aleutian Islands down past Mexicos Baja Peninsula. Loons from the Great Lakes region migrate to the Gulf of Mexico or Florida coasts.

How big is a loons territory?

Common Loons return to their breeding lakes as soon as the ice melts in the early spring. The size of their territory is typically 60 to 200 acres, although it can be larger or smaller. Loons are easily disturbed during the nesting season and prefer to nest on lakes where there is little human activity.

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