Question: Is Fgo Worth Playing 2021?

Is FGO still worth playing?

The gameplay isnt super impressive and that theres no auto-farming might turn off people used to new mobile games that have auto-farming. It is a game worth playing, but only spend money if youre invested in the characters. This game is free-to-play friendly and all content can be cleared with silver Servants.

Is FGO worth playing Reddit?

Despite how old it is, the game is still fun and story get really good after you clear couple of early arcs. If you need to ask instead of just trying it, no. If you are an F2P, you are also able to progress through the game if u put in enough effort.

Is it too late to get into FGO?

If you are a big fan of the Fate IP, its never too late to get into FGO. Heads up, the NA server is only about 3 years old compared to JP being about 5. Yeah, you will have missed out on a lot of welfare servants and craft essences but in the future you should be able to get them again.

Can you play fate Grand Order without watching the anime?

Not really necessary since the games story explains the world enough but know that certain characters originate from other works and you may appreciate them more if youve experienced those works first (like Nero whose characterisation in the main fgo story is rather lacking and better if you played Fate/Extra).

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