Question: What are epic quest on fortnite?

Epic Quests are Weekly or Special quests which are not given a time limit, and can be completed any time during the season. Rare Quests are Punch Card quests. Once the challenge is completed, the challenge is given again with a more challenging number. Uncommon Quests are Daily quests given.

How often do you get epic quests in Fortnite?

Epic Quests are displayed in your Quests tab as purple quests. Weekly Challenges release every Thursday, beginning with Week 1, meaning youll need to complete them to earn these rewards. Each week, Epic release 7 Epic Quests into the game for players to complete.

How do Fortnite quests work?

Automatically Given Quests. Each quest is offered by a different Character with a bit of flavor text, and can be seen in and out of games by checking the Quest menu. Quests come in Rarities from Common to Legendary, with each rarity offering a different amount of XP to the player.

Do quests expire in Fortnite?

The sets of weekly Fortnite quests are split into stages that must be completed in order, so dont try to rush ahead on those, but do use haste on the legendary quests as you only have seven days to clear them before they expire.

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