Question: Who wrote a book of dreams?

Why did Kate write Cloudbusting?

The song was inspired by Peter Reichs 1973 memoir, A Book of Dreams, which Bush read and found deeply moving. Kate actually contacted Peter Reich to explain her motives in writing Cloudbusting and to express the wish that she hoped he would approve of the song.

Who Covered running up that hill?

VersionsTitlePerformerRelease dateRunning up That HillMeg MyersMarch 8, 2019Running up That Hill (A Deal with God)David Baron & Donna LewisAugust 30, 2019Running up That HillArvo Party & LARKS2019Running Up That HillGeorgia [GB2]December 11, 202078 more rows

Is Running Up That Hill a cover?

Stream the original and all 5 covers of Kate Bushs “Running Up That Hill” below, as well as some additional covers that we loved....More videos on YouTube.1Running Up That Hill Meg Myers4:237Running Up That Hill Faith And The Muse4:4710 more rows•19 Mar 2020

Who did Running Up That Hill first?

Kate Bush Running Up That Hill is a song by the English singer-songwriter Kate Bush. It was the first single from her 1985 album Hounds of Love, released in the United Kingdom on 5 August 1985.

Who did a cover of Running Up That Hill?

For the first time in her career, Meg Myers has a No. 1 on a Billboard chart. Running Up That Hill, her cover of Kate Bushs classic 80s song, rises 2-1 on the all-rock-format Rock Airplay survey dated Jan. 25.

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