Question: Is Makima in love with Denji?

However, for all the atrocities that she had committed towards Denji, it was then revealed that Makima herself had grown an infatuation towards the entity that was sealed in Denjis body, the Chainsaw Man, by admitting that she was a huge admirer towards the entity and its power and tries her best to make the entity ...

Are Denji and Makima canon?

Canon. Denji and Makima first meet after Denji slaughters a mass group of devils. Makima gives Denji two choices, either to be killed as a Devil or hell be kept as a human however he must act like her pet, also that shell provide him food.

Did reze actually love Denji?

Personality. Reze initially appears to be a kind and gentle girl who has a crush on Denji soon after meeting him. She laughs at his jokes and isnt afraid to get close to and intimate with him.

Who would Denji end up with?

After Makimas death, Denji would end up becoming the caretaker of her dogs and her reincarnation Nayuta.

Did reze actually want to run away with Denji?

During the fight, Reze was then helped by the Typhoon Devil and was defeated by both Denji and Beam in the end. After her fight with Denji and the Bureau, Denji wanted to meet up with her again at the cafe were she worked at to finally accept running away with Denji as well as him ditching the Bureau.

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