Question: What dimension is Goku?

Goku SS4 is 7 to 8 dimensional being.

Is MUI Goku 4th dimensional?

MUI goku managed too beat jiren while he was at full power. So lowballed mastered ultra instinct goku is with my knowledge multiversal. MUI goku: 384 000 000 universes, 4 dimensional power (infinite 3 dimensional), keeps growing in strenght. Now this other one might be wrong but I just wanted to add it.

Is Goku multidimensional?

Goku is also said to be the best fighter in the 13 multiverse and is stated to be so powerful that he can break entire universes and multiverses if he uses his full power which could be at Super Saiyan 100 level. Goku can also create a variety of planets, dimensions, universes and multi-verses.

Can Goku go through dimensions?

Its actually a different world in the same dimension as the normal world, so yes, Goku can freely teleport between the two.

Is Goku universal or Multiversal?

goku isnt multiversal | Fandom. Now we all know about the fist clash between goku and beerus that almost destroyed the whole universe 7 macrocosm. Now the macrocosm has 12 universe or almost universe sized realms. Now that indicates that it has at least 2 universe sized realms and 10 almost universe sized realms.

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