Question: What is the best program to make cross stitch patterns?

What program do people use to make cross stitch patterns?

PCStitch is the most popular design tool for creating counted cross-stitch patterns available! We invite you to look it over, try it for free, and contact us with any questions. can create is your own imagination! The Ultimate Cross-Stitch Design Software!

How do you make your own cross stitch patterns?

If you want to create a custom cross stitch piece, you will need a custom pattern. Start by choosing your design, which can be a photograph or a drawing. Then, trace the design onto a piece of grid paper. Complete your pattern by filling in the grid to indicate the stitch placement, thread color, and stitch type.

What is the best app for cross stitch?

Best ANDROID markup software:XODO (FREE) – 9/10. Based on 185 reviews. Pattern Keeper ($10.50) – 9/10. Based on 10,000 reviews. Markup R-XP ($13) – 9/10. Based on 8 reviews. Foxit (FREE) – 8/10. Based on 82 reviews. ezPDF ($4) – 4/10. iBooks (FREE) – 10/10. Cross Stitch Markup (FREE) – 9/10. Goodnotes ($12) – 8/10.

Is there an iOS app like pattern keeper?

First, Knit Companion and Pattern Keeper both allow you to access patterns youve saved in the cloud. One of the coolest features of Knit Companion is that you can sync your projects across iOS devices. It uses the native iCloud function.

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