Question: Why was Fredo killed?

Michael had no choice but to kill his brother The second time Fredo betrays Michael, its intentional, and thats unforgivable. In The Godfather Part II, the gangster Hyman Roth (Lee Strasberg) wants to both avenge Greenes murder and take over the Corleone familys empire.

Why did Fredo betray Michael?

Fredo later betrays Michael after being approached by Johnny Ola (Dominic Chianese), an associate of rival gangster Hyman Roth (Lee Strasberg). Ola and Roth tell Fredo that Michael is being particularly difficult in business negotiations between Roths organization and the Corleone family.

Why did Michael kill Hyman Roth?

To eliminate Michael as a competitor, Roth manipulates Corleone family caporegime Frank Pentangeli into testifying against Michael by having the Rosato Brothers, two small-time hoods, attempt to kill Pentangeli. Michael arranges to have Roth killed at the airport where he is about to be taken into U.S. Federal custody.

How did Michael figure out it was Fredo?

Despite twice telling Michael that he had never met Ola, Fredo drunkenly lets slip that they had met in Havana earlier that year. Michael confronts Fredo later, giving him the kiss of death and telling him, I know it was you, Fredo.

How did Fredo die in The Godfather 2?

In The Godfather: Part II Fredo was set to go fishing on Lake Tahoe with one of the Corleone children, but at the last minute he is told the child cant go, and that he will be joined by one of the family thugs instead. Fredo goes out on the boat with the thug, who shoots him dead.

Who really tried to kill Frank Pentangeli?

In The Godfather 2, Frankie Pentangeli walks into a bar. A man puts a cord around his neck and says Michael Corleone says hello. Later on we find out that Roth ordered the hit as Michael confronts him about it.

Is there a real Corleone family?

The Corleones are also part of the Five Families and Don Vito Corleone himself is a composite of real-life mobsters Frank Costello, Carlo Gambino, and Joe Profaci. Don Corleone, in the book and the movie, had a reputation for being a reasonable man, a modest man who will always listen to reason.

Did Fredo know he was going to be shot?

No; something Fredo never realized was that, while Michael was certainly the son of Vito Corleone, it is also a fact that Michael was not Vito Corleone.

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