Question: What happens if Connor dies Detroit?

If not: Connor dies, shot by a soldier at the beginning of a chapter, if he starts the escape or attacks a soldier and fails, If Markus is dead, Connor will come across Josh - because of him he will later come across a soldier who will shoot Connor.

What happens if Connor dies in Detroit: Become Human?

Connor Death Connor dies a lot in Detroit: Become Human, but usually gets re-deployed as a new model. If you choose to stay on the path of the law and avoid turning deviant, Connor will eventually be confronted by the police on a rooftop.

How many times can Connor die in Detroit: Become Human?

Connor may keep retuning, but he can die a lot of times before the end of Detroit: Become Human, and in order to unlock the Ill Be Back Trophy, youre going to need to watch him wither a total of eight times.

What happens if you sacrifice Connor?

Connor Sacrificed Himself for Hank During the conflict with the deviant, if players choose the option to protect Hank, the deviant will shoot and kill Connor.

Should I sacrifice Hank or save him?

– Save Hank: Choose to save him by halting the conversion. If you take too long to decide, youll be Out of Time and the new Connor will shoot Hank, kill you, and the androids will remain dormant. – Hank Kills Connor: If you choose the wrong answers, then Hank will kill you by mistake, leaving the androids dormant.

Who was the most skilled Assassin?

Arno, the most elegant assassin, master swordsman and extremely well versed in stealth and parkour.Connor Kenway, Most brutal assassin to date and extremely fierce in close combat.Ezio Auditore, The most experienced assassin. •9 Dec 2017

Is the player RA9?

Who is RA9 really? - So %99 percent canon accuracy confirmed. rA9 is you, the player. It took months to people deciphering this one (and many others are still stuck with it), and deciphering the hint thats only available on the Japanese version of the game (the one with the “blue disc”).

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