Question: What causes Othon to volunteer in the camp?

Othon is the manager. He inquires about the death of his son Jacques and whether the child suffered very much before he passed away. He then reveals to Rieux that, actually, he wants to go back to the quarantine camp as a volunteer – it makes him feel closer to his dead son.

What was the cause of Dr Rieux fatigue?

Dr. Rieux is tired because there is a constant shortage of equipment and manpower to fight the plague. A snag delays Ramberts escape again, but eventually all is in place: two sentries, Marcel and Louis, agree to smuggle him out in return for 10,000 francs.

What does Rambert accuse Dr Rieux of doing?

Earlier in the novel, Rambert accused Rieux of using the language of abstraction instead of the language of the heart. He came very close to accusing Rieux of indifference. Rieux must harden his heart against his own suffering in order to continue contributing to the anti-plague effort.

When Rieux sees the public rejoice at the end of their exile What does Rieux decide to do?

When Rieux watches the public rejoice at the end of their exile, he is forced to agree with him. For that reason, he decided to bear witness to the plague victims. The plague has drawn him to the conclusion that there is more to praise than despise in humans.

Why did cottard go mad?

A man who committed an unknown crime in the past and so lives in a constant state of paranoia and fear of arrest, though he also craves human contact. When the plague retreats he goes mad and is arrested for firing a gun at passersby in the street. ...

Why did Dr Rieux fight the plague?

He fights death and disease because he has been trained to and because he conceives of his life having value only when he is continuing to help others combat death and achieve health. There are only two evils for Rieux — death and mans ignorance of it.

Is Dr Rieux a hero?

Dr. Rieux is absolutely an absurd hero because he does what he has to do. He still works as a doctor instead of hiding in fear, hoping to not get the plague like many other of the citizens. Of course, he does not want to fall ill, but he knows that should not stop him from completely ignoring his duties.

Is hope ultimately beneficial or destructive in the plague?

In The Plague, hope does more good than it does harm. In The Plague, hope does more harm than it does good.

What does the plague symbolize in the plague?

The plague comes to represent other sources of suffering and alienation. First and foremost, it is an allegory for the rise of Nazi Germany and the suffering that happened during World War II.

Is the narrator reliable in the plague?

The plague must be checked before it kills most of the population of Oran! Likewise, there are no multiple perspectives. We see things through the clear eyes of Dr. Bernard Rieux (pronounced Ri-euh), a very reliable narrator, head of the team battling the disease.

Why does Dr Rieux fight the plague?

He fights death and disease because he has been trained to and because he conceives of his life having value only when he is continuing to help others combat death and achieve health. Rieuxs flaws, including his exhaustion and his tears when Tarrou dies, are necessary for a correct interpretation of his character.

Why is grand a hero in the plague?

In Albert Camus, The Plague, Joseph Grand is identified as a hero because he brings salvation to the society of Oran. Grand is a municipal clerk in Oran, and when the plague hits, is asked to help out with keeping count of people. Without questioning it, Grand begins and continues to help the citizens of Oran.

Who is the first human victim of the plague?

Scientists have identified a new contender for patient zero in the plague that caused the Black Death. A man who died more than 5,000 years ago in Latvia was infected with the earliest-known strain of the disease, according to new evidence.

Who is the true hero in the plague?

Albert Camus Albert Camus - The Hero of The Plague - Dr. Rieux or Tarrou.

What is the moral lesson of the story the plague?

The most meaningful action within the context of Camus philosophy is to choose to fight death and suffering. In the early days of the epidemic, the citizens of Oran are indifferent to one anothers suffering because each person is selfishly convinced that his or her pain is unique compared to common suffering.

What is Grands job in the plague?

In addition to his day job and his writing, Grand becomes a sort of secretary to Rieux and Tarrous volunteer teams. Needless to say, the three combined jobs are quite draining in tandem. The narrator decides that, if his novel is to have a hero, Grand is it with his goodness of heart and his absurd ideal.

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