Question: What is the method of printing?

Which method is used to print?

The print() method is used to print text on the console. It is an overloaded method of the PrintStream class. It accepts a string as a parameter....print() Method.Overloaded MethodPrintsprint(object obj)An objectprint(String s)A string7 more rows

What are the two methods of printing?

What are the Different Types of Printing?Offset litho printing.Digital Printing.Screen printing.Nov 30, 2018

What is printing and types of printing?

Common types of printing are: Surface Printing. Flexographic Printing. Screen Printing. Digital Printing.

How many type of printers are there?

From compact and simple to complex and sophisticated, there are many types of printers on the market. However, there are six types of printers that are tried and tested: inkjet printers, laser printers, solid ink printers, continuous ink printers, LED printers, dot matrix printers and A3 printers.

What are types of plotters?

Three types of plotters are most popular for their ability to allow you to create different designs. This group includes the drum plotter, the flatbed plotter, and the inkjet plotter. Each of these types of plotters has a different specific use, therefore, you must make your choice very carefully.

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