Question: Is it satisfied by or satisfied with?

Satisfied by occurs when satisfy is a verb in the passive voice: The conditions were satisfied by the new design. Satisfied with occurs when satisfied is an adjective meaning pleased or content: Only 19% of workers said they were satisfied with their jobs.

Which preposition is used with the word satisfied?

With is the preposition that goes with satisfied generally, to govern the indirect object. I was very satisfied with the result.

What is a better word than satisfied?

pleased, well pleased, happy, content, contented. proud, triumphant. smug, self-satisfied, pleased with oneself, complacent.

What is the meaning of craving satisfied?

This might be correct. Use this phrase with caution. This phrase would be used to indicate a strong desire or urge was fulfilled.

What does the word satisfied?

1 : to make happy or contented Everyone was satisfied with the compromise. 2 : to meet the needs of The meal satisfied our hunger. 3 : convince We are satisfied the story is true.

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