Question: What kind of armor does Kratos wear?

What armor does Kratos wear?

In the God of War Series The original God of War Armor, as Kratos wore it in the beginning of God of War II. One of the first bonus costumes decided upon including with the game was the God Armor. Developers have also revealed Kratos will wear the armor in-game at some point, before being able to unlock it.

What is Kratos wearing?

Kratos looks like your stereotypical Spartan solider. Hes big, tall, and armed and dangerous. He typically just wears a leather loincloth and armlets, but he also has a large red tattoo across his face and upper body.

Whats the best Armour in God of War?

the Mist Armor The best armor in God of War is the Mist Armor, and you can obtain it using Mist Echoes in Niflheim.

What happened Kratos armor?

Kratos lost them after Ares ripped them from his arms during a hallucination of Lysandra and Calliope and their deaths.

What is the highest rarity in God of War?

God of War has a deep and satisfying crafting system that allows players to forge new armour, upgrade existing gear, and customize any perks and bonuses they want to attribute to Kratos and Atreus....The rarities and colours are:Green (Common)Blue (Rare)Purple (Legendary)Gold (Epic)

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