Question: How many years do foxgloves last?

Most foxgloves, including ancient species and modern hybrids, are perennials, whose lifespan varies according to the growing conditions but is usually three to five years.

How long does a foxglove plant live?

Theyre great for the back of the border or in a mass all by themselves. In most places, theyll live for 1 or 2 years. To ensure beautiful flowers every spring, set out new transplants each year in early summer or autumn. Foxgloves thrive in partial shade with regular water.

Do foxgloves only live 2 years?

Foxgloves can come back every year if you pick a perennial variety. However, the majority of foxgloves are biennial, especially if grown from seed. This means they flower on the second year after being planted, then die back.

Is there a perennial foxglove?

While the original wildflower is a biennial, many of its recent descendants are perennials, making it easier than ever to have elegant Foxglove blooms in the garden, year after year.

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