Question: Where was Hangman filmed?

“Hangman” is set in a mid-sized Southern city identified as Monroe (the movie was filmed on location in Atlanta), which presumably is the reason why Pacino reprises the same hambone drawl he sported in another recent VOD-ready thriller, the New Orleans-set “Misconduct.” To his credit, Pacino is appreciably more ...

Is there a sequel to the movie Hangman?

The Gallows: Act II Trailer: The Hangman Is Back and Thirsty for More Blood. Blumhouse Productions has finally released the first trailer for The Gallows: Act II, revealing a first look at the long-awaited sequel. At long last, we have a trailer for The Gallows Act II.

How much money did the movie Hangman make?

316,728 USD Hangman/Box office

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