Question: Which is better God of War or Witcher 3?

The Witcher 3 has more replay value because of the vast amount of content and choices you can make. God of War has much better combat. They both have amazing main stories and exploration. And the end of the day it just comes down to whether you enjoy open world rpgs or mainly linear narrative driven games more.

Should I play The Witcher 3 or Horizon zero dawn?

Horizon is better than 95% of most games. Witcher 3 is in that remaining five percent if you ask me. To answer your question more directly, both can be played in short bursts, but Witcher 3 has more quests and a larger world.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn the best game ever?

Horizon Zero Dawn could be the best new IP in the past five years, and its definitely one of best games of the PS4 generation. The post-apocalypse open-world game takes place in a future where machines have reduced society to rubble.

Is Horizon Zero Dawn map bigger than Skyrim?

Skyrim is easy; its a little less than 15 squared miles. Yet, Horizons official map size says it spans 4 miles across. However, this is at a scale to 107.5:1 in the real world. Boiling it down to just game scale, tough, its clear that Skyrim is much larger than Horizon.

Are they making a Witcher 4?

The Witcher 4 is not confirmed, but we know CD Projekt Red is working on another title in The Witcher universe. The Witcher 4, or whatever the next Witcher game will be called, could be about any number of things; there is plenty of lore that encapsulates the universe and the wonderfully dynamic characters.

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